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Manual & Pairing Instructions

Pairing and Charging Instructions


  1. Charge the Charging Case using the provided cable. A flashing light indicates that a charging session has begun.  Disconnect the cable after charging.
  2. Initiate pairing by pressing the button on the Charging Case. You should see a solid light. Then quickly remove the headphones from the case beginning with the ear placement of the left headphone followed by the right headphone.
  3. An English voice or a tone will inform you once the headphones have connected to each other.
  4. The now paired headphones should appear for selection under your device’s Bluetooth settings to connect to the device.
  5. When finished with use, return the headphones to the case for additional charging. The headphones will power down in the case.

Headphone Norms

  1. Charging time for headphones in the case will be about 70 minutes.
  2. The case will charge in about an hour.
  3. A fully charged case should be good for three headphone charges.

Headphone Touch

  1. Touch the sensor one time for music pause or to answer a call. One touch again to resume play. An image identifying the sensor can be found at the Manuals tab at .
  2. Two touches on a headphone will advance through the current playlist. Two touches on the other headphone will select songs in the opposite direction. Three touches on a headphone sensor will increase the volume.  Three touches on the other headphone will decrease the volume.
  3. A 3 second touch activates the Siri function. A 5 second touch will power on/off a headphone.
  4. NOTE: Some models use two touches for volume adjustment and three for playlist advancement.

Do not overuse your headphones. Keep headphones away from pressure, moisture, and heat for longer life.

Other high frequency devices such as routers can diminish Bluetooth function.

Bluetooth is not recommended for use beyond 10-15 meters.

A feature of ZAMZ headphones is that a single headphone can be paired to your device.  This can result in the headphone’s name appearing multiple times in Bluetooth settings when trying to connect to your device for the first time.  Leaving Bluetooth settings and immediately returning will typically result in a single instance of the headphone name which can then be selected.


How do I get more bass?

Do know that both iOS (Apple)  and also Android devices do have ways of increasing the bass? For iOS, you can go to Settings>Music>EQ (short for equalizer) and choose more bass sounding options.  Certain Android sources say that the same is available at Settings>Sound & Notification>Audio Effects (at the top of the screen).  Various equalizer apps are also available for the Android OS.

 Why is only one headphone playing?

Please give this a try after charging the box with the provided cable. One hour should provide a good charge.  Then remove the charging cable and press the button on the case if the light is on.

Press the button on the box (light “on”) and quickly put both headphones in your ears beginning with the left pod.  Place your finger over the sensor on the bud that is working until you hear “power off”. Go to your Bluetooth settings and forget your Zamzpods device. If any other devices were using this pod, be sure to forget your Zamzpods on those devices too. (A common problem is that Zamzpods are flexible allowing each pod to be simultaneously  paired to a separate device. But unintended instances of this feature can lead to users believing that a pod isn’t working.)

Turn off Bluetooth. put both pods in the case, press the button on the case to turn off all charging (light goes out), and wait 15 seconds.

Go to your Bluetooth settings and turn it back on.  Press the button on the case again (light on) for a fresh start. Then quickly take the headphones  out of the charging case beginning with the left ear,  and connect through Bluetooth settings.. 

Some users on certain devices have observed multiple instances of zamzpods in Bluetooth.  One is for the left pod, one for the right pod, and there might even be one instance for the connected pods.  The best action is often to leave Bluetooth settings and return immediately. Often you will see only  one Zamzpods.

Also, you might see an AirPod message to connect. This will often work well, but if you still have not had success, try closing this message, leave Bluetooth, return, and choose Zamzpods.


Another fix: You are not allowing enough time for them to connect together before you connect to your phone. Go to your bluetooth and forget zamzpods and turn off your bluetooth. Put the pods in the case. Now close the case and wait 15 seconds. Now press the button on the case. take out the left pod first. now the right. make sure you do not touch the touch sensor. Let them sit for 15 seconds then go to your bluetooth and connect!



The image above shows where the touch sensor is located on the headphones.